The Martial Hearts Foundations is a 501(c)(3) entity.

Tianyuan Li and Carlton Doup are both martial arts school owners.  To avoid any conflict of interest, scholarships rewarded by the Martial Hearts foundation WILL NOT be available to students of either of their school, UNLESS the combined total of such scholarships represent 5% or less of all scholarships rewarded.

1st Year Goals (2016)
As we are a brand new non-profit, our first years goals are to establish funding for basic operations for the next three years.  We estimate this to be less than $1000 per year.

We also hope to generate enough funds to put on our annual Seattle International Martial Arts Championship tournament.  We anticipate this event will be our largest fundraiser of the year.  2016 will be the first year this tournament will be owned an operated by our Foundation.  We anticipate raising enough funds at this year’s (2016) tournament, to cover the cost of hosting and equipment for next year’s (2017) tournament.  This will allow us to delicate most, if not all future tournament (2017 and on)proceeds, sponsorship funds, etc. to our scholarship fund.